Dear “Erstis”,

finally the study starts and you are all very eager to learn a lot. In the next few weeks a lot of infor­ma­tion will come your way and so that you don’t lose track of the most important ones, the AStA has put toge­ther these tips for you.

Here you will find useful tips on how to orga­nise and orien­tate yourself within the daily study routine.
But remem­ber, these tips are not a mira­cle cure!
You should always consult the current study and exami­na­tion regu­la­ti­ons for your degree program at Beuth Hochschule.

Have fun and success in your studies!

Just do it!

Don’t be afraid to ask!

All begin­nings are hard and those who don’t ask remain stupid. You are not alone!

Commu­ni­cate in person!

If you have important ques­ti­ons, contact the univer­sity staff perso­nally, don’t rely on e‑mail traf­fic. (Applies again when the Corona crisis is over. Until then you will have to rely on e‑mail and phone, for better or worse)

What you can do today…

Please note obli­ga­tory dates and dead­lines! Process appli­ca­ti­ons (BAföG & co.) in time and do not wait for a better time.

Use your Campus-Card!

With it you can use the public trans­port (ABC area Berlin, bicy­cle inclu­ded!), borrow books in the Beuth-Biblio­thek and pay in the Berlin refec­to­ries. (Again: only when the Corona crisis is over. Until then: stay the fuck home!)

Get invol­ved!

At the univer­sity we students have as much to say as profes­sors and lectu­rers. There­fore: get invol­ved, vote and help shape your university.

Don’t do it!

blind trust

Know your rights and have a look at the current study and exami­na­tion regu­la­ti­ons! No one will do it for you. And even profes­sors are some­ti­mes wrong.

Stay on top of the univer­sity chaos!

Don’t throw away any notes or letters from the univer­sity on which your access data and pass­words are written!

Don’t give up!

If you have problems, contact your student coun­cil or the AStA. Take advan­tage of the advi­sory services!

Don’t come unprepared

You will be helped with problems and ques­ti­ons, but at least be a little bit prepa­red when you come by. Have a look at the BHT website first, many things are explai­ned there!

Wich­tige Links

News from the student body

Dates and deadlines

Laws and Regulations

Study Admi­nis­tra­tion

Time­ta­bles, cour­ses and more

Moodle (Lear­ning Manage­ment System)


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